About Us

Eagle Eye Treks

Welcome to Nepal, a land of Gods, a land of diverse geographical, religious, and cultural sites! You will have an enlightening journey here into the Himalayas.

We are a group of accomplished tour managers, guides and experts and we are committed to a professional care and help you make safe, satiating and enlightening journey into Himalayas. We have been providing complete packages for trekking, peak climbing, adventures, expeditions, tours and researches for individuals or groups including parties such as airline crews, students, travel agents, business groups, researchers etc. to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Our trek has aim of attracting enthusiastic travelers around the world who have that keen yearning to explore. If you have that desire and the craving to boggle your mind and get the traveling experience utmost than eagle eye is the spot. We as a trekking agency are also very much concerned about environmental sustainability and ecological balance. Hence, we invite and entice you to choose us at your service.

Not a trip you will make with us but a journey, a journey of bliss!

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