About Us
Eagle Eye Treks

Eagle Eye Treks comes up with the zeal to smoothed your trekking upheavals. We are a team of shrewd, prompt and research oriented group who keenly work for complete client satisfaction. We are aware of the fact that relationship building is the key to success.  Transparent and professional conduct only can lead us to success. Since 2015, Eagle Eye Treks and Travels has been providing with complete trekking services in Nepal. We have extended our amenities beyond the borders of Nepal, working in three other different countries: Tibet, Bhutan and India. We take our vanity in complete trek services with the motto of modesty, clarity, sustainability, balance, research, precision and the consciousness of trekking within and beyond the reality. Eagle Eye welcomes you all in Nepal to experience the passion of trekking, bliss of the nature and diversity of the culture.

Our trek has aim of attracting enthusiastic travelers around the world who have that keen yearning to explore. If you have that desire and that craving to boggle your mind and get the traveling experience utmost than eagle eye is the spot. We as a trekking agency are also very much concerned about environmental sustainability and ecological balance. If the environment goes well then the traveling experience also rises in a geometric ratio. Hence, we invite and entice you to chose us at your service.

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